Have you heard people saying that social media affects search engine ranking of websites significantly, but still don’t know why they say so? If yes, then make sure you spend a few minutes to read through this article. Here, we will be discussing about the link between SEO and social media.

smm-seoYou can increase awareness about your website’s content or the brand you are promoting through your website using social media activities. This increase in familiarity can eventually result in links. Let us explain with an example; suppose you have posted a video showcasing a new product and it has been shared several times on Twitter. When one such tweet is noticed by a user who owns a blog or a reporter representing a popular publication, he might decide to write a post or article on the showcased product with links redirecting visitors to the video or the product’s website. This shows how social media helps in producing high quality backlinks.Activities on one of the leading social networks Google+ are used by Google for personalizing search results when users are signed into their respective Google accounts. If

a Google+ user you are connected with have posted on the social network, +1ed any page or reviewed any business you are looking for, you will see that result appearing higher. This happens just because you are connected with the person. Bing uses the same ploy, but based on Facebook activities of the users’ friends.

You can use social media for taking your name to a much wider audience. This in turn, will make your targeted customers more aware about your brand and you will soon see more people looking for your company and its offerings. When Google finds that the number of people looking for your brand is increasing rapidly, it assumes that your brand is more popular than the brands that are not searched for so frequently. This assumption forces Google to award you a higher ranking.

You can see your search engine ranking increasing even by just getting mentioned (without use of any hyperlink) on a site or blog. The term Google uses for such events is “co-citation”. For Google, co-citation is one type of brand signal. Social media’s ability of increasing popularity of brands and spurring conversations on them can give birth to several co-citations.

You can use social media for increasing the traffic volume coming to your site. How much traffic your site gets is one of the main factors deciding its search engine ranking. It has been found that in the majority of the cases, items that drive maximum traffic after being shared on a social network are event listings, blog posts, and videos. A website’s homepage or any other category page it has rarely has so much impact on users of different social media platforms. If you want to see better SEO for your site through the above mentioned contents, you must make sure that they are engaging enough. Visitors will spend considerable time to check the content only if they find it interesting. You will never experience increase in traffic to your website if visitors bounce right away without watching the entire video or reading through the entire article posted by you. Search engines are capable of measuring three metrics; they are: time spent on website, pages checked per visit and bounce rate and determine a site’s search engine ranking based on them.

The world now knows about a number of highly effective SEO tools,  however,  the advent of all those tools hasn’t been able to reduce the importance of backlinks for SEO. In this article, we will be discussing why backlinks still hold so much importance for search engine optimization.


Before explaining why backlinks are still important for SEO,  let us first explain what backlinks actually are; this will make the article comprehensible even to people who are not aware of the technical side of SEO. The term “backlink” can be defined as any link that directs visitors towards a website or blog. The other term used for these links is “inbound links”.

Now, we will be discussing about the actual topic of this article i.e. why backlinks are important for SEO. The pointers below will educate you about the same:



  • There are few other SEO tools that can help you to increase your website’s search engine ranking as effectively as backlinks. If you manage to get high quality links towards different pages of your site, you will automatically see the site’s search engine ranking improving. For best results, you should use a variety of anchor texts and those anchor texts should be present on high quality domains and niche blogs.
  • One of the biggest issues new website owners face is getting Google to index their website quickly. If you are launching a new site and want it to be indexed promptly, you should use backlinks from any active, high traffic website; this will get your website indexed by Google faster than you may have ever expected.
  • Backlinks also possess the ability to improve page rank. Website owners who manage to obtain links back from the high quality high PR websites can expect to see their PR improving almost instantly.

One thing you must keep in mind that for enjoying all the above mentioned benefits of backlinks, you must make sure that you are using quality backlinks  and for that you will need to know what quality backlinks are. Let us explain.

You may use backlinks coming from any website related to your site’s content. You can obtain backlinks even from suitable niche websites. For instance, suppose you run a blog that informs readers about web 2.0, technology, and blogging; however, the backlinks you are using have come from a health or finance website. Those backlinks will never be categorized as quality backlinks. In this case, to ensure that all back links are quality, you must get them from technology websites. To make the process a bit easier, you can build more than 2 sites and try linking them by generating backlinks. However, make sure that your websites are not on the same IP if you want this ploy to be effective. If the IP used is same, Google will take little time to catch you and take necessary steps against you.

There are many blog and website owners who opt for link exchange for getting backlinks. This is not a wrong process, but only it is done in the right manner. Remember, you will be benefited only if you exchange links with trustworthy and popular websites. Getting links from bad websites instead of improving your site’s search engine ranking will turn out to be hazardous for its health.